Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Velvet pinwheel tutorial

I haven't blogged much lately because I've been busy working on some things that I can't post yet, so I thought I'd share a simple little tutorial I put together for A Million Memories last May.
Materials needed:
-velvet ribbon or fabric
-needle and thread
-embellishments for the center of the pinwheel (optional)

Start with a piece of velvet ribbon.  For this example, I used velvet ribbon that was about 3/4 of an inch wide and I cut a piece that was about 6 inches long.  The length you’ll need will depend on the width of the velvet and how tight you want your spiral to be. 

1.    Take the threaded needle and stitch along one edge of the velvet:
2.  After you’ve stitched along the entire edge of the ribbon (see the photo above), pull your thread to gather the velvet:
3.  Keep pulling the thread until the entire edge of the velvet is gathered as tight as it will go.    The gathered velvet will form a little pinwheel (see below).  Just stitch up the loose ends and tie a knot in the thread: 

You can also use velvet fabric, but you’ll probably want to cut it along the edge of the fabric so that you have a crisp edge (just stitch along the edge you’ve cut). 

Once you’ve finished the pinwheel, you can add anything you want to the center – rhinestones, pearls, buttons, a dab of Stickles, flowers, etc.  And there you go!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Mickey said...

So simple, so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

aussiescrapper said...

You have made this looks so simple, going to try this, gogeous.

Zarah said...

GREAT tutorial! TFS! :D

Lori Renn said...

I just love those, Stacy! I think I will make some to embellish the pillows that I sew (and cards and layouts that I make!) Thanks for the inspiration!

piradee talvanna said...

thanks for sharing this... will definitely give this a try. I just have too too many ribbons and never enough flowers :)

Cris said...

OMGosh! How stinkin cute are these!!! I can't wait to try one. Thanks for the tutorial Stacy! xoxo