Tuesday, January 7, 2014

13 from 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was a year of change for me with regard to my scrapbooking and crafty priorities.  Early in the year I lost my creative mojo quite a bit, and I realized that I needed to cut back and focus more on other things in my life.  After a three month hiatus from scrapbooking (during which I was quite busy with work-work -- my "day job"), I'm ready to get back to crafting again . . . but on a smaller scale and with fewer commitments and deadlines.  I might even try (gasp*) Project Life this year.  I'll see how it goes. No pressure on myself!  Whatever crafty endeavors I take on in 2014, my priorities are going to be family, friends and health (I'm going to join a gym and start working out for the first time in 12 years!).

I realize I didn't blog very often last year.  In fact, I probably have a couple dozen projects that I never got around to posting.  Here is a sampling of some of my projects from last year -- 13 from 2013:



 I hope your New Year is starting off with a bang!


Romy said...

Oh wow, they are all totally gorgeous! You have made such gorgeous lay-outs throughout 2013! I simply can't wait to see what you will come up with in 2014 :)

Unknown said...

you know you're my favorite ever!

Mendi Yoshikawa said...

A great year of layouts with so much inspiration! These are gorgeous! I had pinned many of them throughout the year, but I found a couple more to pin. Thanks for sharing. :)