Monday, March 14, 2011


My daughters love to wear headbands.  Danielle, especially, is enamored with them.   There was a period of time when she would not leave the house without a headband on her head.  So before she outgrows the headband phase (which hopefully won't happen for a few more years), I've been having fun making some flowery headbands.

Here's Danielle modeling them for me. I made these first three headbands with Prima's gorgeous flowers and trim.  Prima now makes plain headbands that you can embellish yourself.

Here's a headband I made using paper's from Lily Bee's Lovely line. 
I made the flowers using various punches, then I coated them with Mod Podge to protect the paper.
The only problem now is that my girls fight over who gets to wear which headband.  *sigh*  Next time I'll make duplicates.

By the way, I widened my blog columns to (hopefully) make my blog look less cluttered and easier to read.  It looks fine on my screen, but please let me know if it looks wonky on any of your screens!  And pursuant to a request, I  added FeedBurner "subscribe by email" to the sidebar.

Have a great day!


Merian Candioli said...

Wow,what is that? Even I would fight to wear some beuty like these...

By the way, the screen looks good for me, but I use a wide screen. These week I had to update my layout and the one I got it´s not really the same. I was asking myself the same: If in a standart screen would look "normal"...


Nay and Gilly said...

What do you mean ur girls fight over the headbands? I would be having first pick myself! LOL! fantastic idea and they look super fab!
Luv renee

Jocelyn said...

HOW Fabulous!!!!! LOVE THESE!!!

Wish I had some little girls to wear how in the world did I end up with two boys!!! :-)

Have a great day!!!

Christiane said...

i sooo wish i were a little girl!! more than gorgeous, stacy!!