Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday my Sweet Rebecca

My not-so-little girl is turning 9 today!  Happy Birthday, sweet Rebecca!  Here's a Prima layout I made with pictures of her from a couple years ago.  She's still my little fairy princess!

Every year I make handmade cards for my girls on their birthdays. Inside the cards I write a long letter to them sharing my warm feelings about them, about who they are, who they have become, and I tell them how wonderful I think they are at their new age.   After they look at the birthday card and I read the note to them, I tuck it safely away in a box to be saved for them when they are older.   Someday -- maybe when they are 18 and going off to college -- I will hand them the box full of these cards that I've made for them every year since they were babies.  Here's the card I made for Rebecca this year:

*SIGH*  I just wish she would slow down with this whole growing up thing! 


sutty said...

I know what you mean with the slow down on all the growing up thing - I remember childhood lasting for ages :D Beautiful LO, love all the crinkled edges and the prima blooms - beautiful.


Beatemor said...

WOW - this was beautiful! Love the way you cut the paper!!

מימס mimms said...

MAZAL-TOV to Rebecca !
what a great and gorgeous LO !

Nay and Gilly said...

Beautiful Stacy!! ur girls will surely be thankful for such a precious keepsake spanning the yrs!!
Luv Renee

liana suwandi said...

I remember this georgous layout, Happy Birthday for sweet rebecca!


Linda Barber said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rebecca. I'm sure it was an awesome one!

Stacy, that layout is gorgeous. But I'm so in love with the idea of the card with the long letter. What an amazing gift to your children. I can only imagine how wonderful it'll be to read those year after year on their special day. You are an awesome mom!

Christiane said...

i remember this gorgeous page!!
happy belated birthday, sweet little girl!!
love the card-idea!!

erin said...

what a beautiful range of photos of your daughter:) my oldest will be 9 next month!

gry anita said...

WOW!!!! This layout is amazing!!!

Casey Wright said...

What an amazing layout! The colors just pop and those pictures are just so adorable! The card is beautiful too :) The colors make make happy!