Monday, April 14, 2014

Corset Card

Happy Monday, everyone!  Need a cute card or invitation for a bridal or bachelorette shower/party?    Here's a cheeky card I made using Queen & Co's new Glitter Studs, Rock Candy and twine. 

My daughters saw this card after I finished it and they both immediately said "Ewwwwwwww . . . that's inappropriate!!"  Yes, my little girls, keep thinking that until you're adults and married. ;)

To make the corset, I used a template I found through Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest!).  Pinterest took me to this downloadable template posted on Filckr:  CORSET TEMPLATE  If you scroll through the Flickr photos, you can find the various parts and sizes along with the instructions.  The Flickr page says this template was created by "Valerie", and a Google search led me to conclude that her full name is Valerie Brincheck.  Hopefully this is the proper credit for this adorable corset template. 

This corset would be cute for a Valentine's Day or Anniversary card too, don't ya think?

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