Friday, December 13, 2013

Dancing With the Stars

Tap, tap, tap, . . . is this thing on?  Is anyone still reading here?  I've been working non-stop the past couple of months (my "day job"), so I haven't had any time to scrapbook or blog.  In order to avoid this blog dying a slow death, I wanted to pop on and share a scrapbooking layout. This is a Hanukkah layout I did for the November/December issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. 

As seen in Creating Keepsakes magazine.  Copyright Creative Crafts Group.  Published with prior permission from the publisher.

The journaling reads:

It’s a ritual that’s occasionally seen but rarely captured on camera. No, it’s not the mating dance of the North American Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Rather, it’s the traditional Cohen Family Hanukkah dance.  Shhhhh . . . if we’re very quiet, we might be able to catch a glimpse of them in action. According to anecdotal evidence, this Hanukkah dance tradition goes back to the days when the Cohen girls were babies. The Cohen parents wanted to get the girls into the spirit of Hanukkah, so every night after lighting the menorah, they would put on Hanukkah music and dance around the living room with the girls in their arms. This tradition continued when the girls began walking. Within a few years, Hanukkah became an all out dance-a-thon. We aren’t talking about low key, graceful dancing. Nahhhh, that’s for sissies. We’re talking about anything goes, build-up-a-sweat-crazy-chicken dancing. Those Cohen girls sure do have rhythm! The Cohen parents . . . not so much. But they have oodles of fun despite their wacky dancing skills. It’s an annual holiday tradition that the whole family looks forward to. And look, even Grandma is getting into the act! It’s usually just the immediate Cohen family members who participate in this ritual, but if you happen to be invited to the Cohen house for Hanukkah dinner, you’d better bring your dancing shoes!! 

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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Keshet said...

So cute! Glad you popped back in!