Friday, August 19, 2011

An owl, a fox, a bear and a hedgehog . . . OH MY!!

I created some little woodland critters and printable paper piecing templates for Club CK's Summer Camp event.  Here is my owl, fox, bear and hedgehog:

I also created a PDF pattern for each of these animals that you can print and cut out, and Creating Keepsakes took it a step further and turned these into SVG files that you can download and cut with your SVG compatible die-cutting machines! You can find the printable PDF files and SVG files here at Club CK: Stacy Cohen's owl, fox, bear and hedgehog.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Denise Price said...

"OH MY" indeed--those are some cute paper animals! I think the hedgehog is my favorite. In Russian fairy tales, hedgehogs are usually kind, helpful, and lucky. :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

This are so, so wonderfully cute! I have the biggest crush on all things hedgehog related, so that little fellow is my very favourite.

Delightful creations, thanks so much for sharing!

Big hugs & cheerful Sunday wishes,

Keshet said...

Adorable, Stacy!