Friday, February 11, 2011

Mess, Mess, Mess . . . plus the CK Special Issue winner

Mess, mess, mess . . . the last couple of days have been all about cleaning up messes:

1.  My daughter, Danielle, got a frozen chocolate custard cup at school yesterday.  She didn't have time to eat it at lunchtime, so she decided to put it in her backpack and save it for later.  Say whaaaaaat??  I don't think she thought that one through.  You can only imagine the mess it made when the top came off and the chocolate custard spilled all over the inside of her backpack.   And since she had a playdate after school, I didn't find her little mess until the evening, by which time the chocolate had solidified in every nook and cranny.   Eesh.

2.  Our sweet cat had an upset tummy yesterday.  (Hairballs??  I'm not sure.  I'm new to this whole cat thing, so I'd appreciate any words of wisdom from any of you experienced cat mommies).  I'll spare you the gory details, but one of the spots was on my very cluttered desk.  He likes to sleep on top of the printer while I'm working on the computer, and it's right near a stack of papers, stapler, remote control, etc.  Not fun cleaning all that up, noooooooooo.

3  A container of Italian dressing jumped out of the refrigerator and spilled all over the floor.   Salad, anyone?

I'm hoping today is a mess-free day.  And I'm hoping that my sweet cat who's sitting here next to me on top of the computer isn't planning on leaving me any more "presents".

Sorry for the delay in announcing the WINNER of the Creating Keepsake's new special issue,  Scrapbooking Tips &; Tricks, Texture.  Without further ado, the random number generator site chose number 10, which is . . . .drumroll  . . . .

Renee!!  Congrats!  Renee, please email your address.

Turning to scrappy stuff, here are the results of a fun little page swap the Prima Design Team members did a little while back (but I never got around to posting it).  We swapped pictures of ourselves and scrapped each other.  I scrapped pictures of the very talented Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  Julie has a beautiful and colorful artsy style, so I created this page of her "Julie style":

Here is the fabulous layout that Julie created with pictures of me:

I love it, Julie!   It was so much fun participating in this little swap.  Give it a try with one of your scrappy friends!


Renee said...

Wooohooo!!!! Thanks so much!
Off to email you! Have a great weekend!

Jocelyn said...

Well you did have a very messy day!!! They say things come in I say that you are finished!!!

Love the Lo' cute!!!

Congrats to Renee!!!

Wishing you a great day!!!

stephiemarie21 said...

Love the photo swap idea! So fun!

Here's to a "clean" day!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh Wow, that is one messy day alright, but you know being a cleany, I think the kids in our lives (I only have the 1) are set to test us, I cannot scrap or go out until my house is in some kind of clean....and you know how you can sit down and scrap and then look around and say "Why did I bother"....I had a chuckle at the custard, although Nate isn't at school yet, I must have the talk re: leftovers....eek. And yes things do jump out of my fridge too, re: the cats, I have heard if you brush them a bit this can reduce hair ball symptons....but where do you fit in brushing your I love your stunning layouts here, gorgeous gorgeous work dear friend. I so enjoy coming to your amazing blog. MElx

Keshet said...

Wow, both of these are gorgeous! Love your Julie-fied layout:)

Christiane said...

i would love to do a swap with you too!! love what you did with julies pictures!! :))