Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fixed! {I hope}

If you happened to see my blog post about an hour ago, you know that I was in tears because I had managed to delete ALL my blog settings, including the headers, background, fonts, widgets . . . everything!!!  I've spent a good part of the day dealing with this, and luckily I've gotten the main elements back to the way they were.  It all started a couple days ago when I tried to get help adjusting the margins slightly, but those changes made my blog look wonky, so I tried to go back to the way I had it in the first place.   Then  "POOF" . . . all gone.  I should have left well enough alone, because even though I have the main settings back, my margins are more scrunched now -- worse than the way I had it before.  It's been a very frustrating few hours dealing with this.  Now I need to go eat a cookie and scrap for a while. Scrapping is always my best medicine!!

So that you haven't completely wasted YOUR time coming here today, here's a Lily Bee layout to share. 

To create the background, I did a little masking technique using the Lily Bee chipboard stickers and Shimmerz Vibez. I simply placed the chipboard stickers on a sheet of cardstock (without removing the protective sticker backing), then I sprayed over the chipboard pieces with Shimmerz Red-Y Or Not Vibez. 

After I removed the chipboard stickers, I outlined the shapes with Stickles for a little extra definition.
I colored the lace doily with Blue Jeans Vibez.   And see those little leaves?  I made them out of really cool air dry modeling compound called Delight.  The modeling compound is white, and you can either mix paint in before it dries or paint it afterward.   For these leaves I chose to paint them with Shimmerz paint after they were dry.

Now I'm going to Argggggh!!!


Kathy Martin said...

Awesome page!

Oh how frustrating to have accidently deleted things on your blog! Sometimes I really hate technology! ;) Happy to hear you recovered everything! :)

The Bach Tapestry said...

Grrrr....don't you hate that when it happens! I'm so glad you restored almost everything!

Mel said...

You poor thing, yes sometimes it's better to leave the margin things, I know I have been tempted but now just going to leave as is, great advice, what a gorgeous layout. Melxx

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear about this!
I hope you'll feel happier after scrapping!! And great layout you have there! :)

Merian Candioli said...

Hey Dear, How was the cookie... :)

Happy to see it´s all working. Take it easy, it´ll all to work out!

This weekend is my b-day and finally I´ll have a new notebook. Uhuuuhh!!! This one just get me in trouble, and suddenly have data desapering. Argh.

What is the "blue jeans vibez"... is that a spray... vibez is the brand of it... I just loved the color!


Keshet said...

Computer troubles are SO frustrating! I'm so glad you got your info back!

Denni said...

You have company in the broken blog area, lol! I broke mine a couple times trying to just tweek things a smidge too. GREAT to see you have recovered!

And it is NEVER a waste of time visiting your blog either, you totally ROCK girl!!

Christiane said...

* honeypie, you are making me crazy ... *
with all your amazing creations!!

sorry to hear about your blog. this happens a few years ago to me.
save a copy of your blog the next time and you'll be on the sunny site!!

hugs and a nice weekend!!

Nay and Gilly said...

What a great LO! thanks for sharing your tips.

liana suwandi said...

oh i feel so sad to read this stacy. love your technique and thanks for the tips, hope you enjoy your weekend ahead!

Lu Zischler said...

Oh My! What a panic!! When the computer´s "artificial intelligence" wants to get the command that happens! I´m happy you could fix this! Great Los, as always!!