Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first project for Gypsie Rose Paperie

I finished my first Creative Team project for Gypsy Rose Paperie! As I mentioned, this fabulous new site will be posting ephemera images every week that you can download and use on your creations. I'll be creating things with these images and posting them on Gypsy Rose Paperie every Thursday, so be sure and check the site! My very talented fellow Gypsy girls will be posting their fabulous creations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so there will no shortage of eye candy there.

I made this card with last weeks' vintage image. I used narrow silk ribbon to sew on real hooks and eyes to mimic the hooks on the back of her dress. We had a lively little discussion going on about whether he is un-hooking or dress or hooking it up. Judging by the frustrated look on his face, I assumed that he was trying (rather intently) to hook the dress up and help her get ready for an evening out. What do you all think . . . is he helping her get dressed for an evening out, or is he about to get lucky?


Lisa Spiegel said...

I don't know but your card is adorable!

Jessica Guthrie said...

Beautiful work... they are lucky to have you! Have a great time!